Preparing for an Interview or Dusting off your CV???

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If you are an Accountancy and Finance professional pulling together a CV or preparing for interviews our biggest advice is focus on CHANGE.

Have you significantly contributed to…

– Change around process, control, report creation procedures or report format, month end schedules?

– Enhancement of commercial reporting / KPI suites or insightful MI? Development of budget or forecasting methodology?

– Acquisitions / Mergers / Disposals?

– Systems – development / upgrade / implementation?

– Team or function structures?

– Particular downturn or growth in your business / market and your ideas / reactions?

– Cashflow challenges?

– Changes in your leadership team or those around you? – Business practices outside of ‘finance’ – have you influenced operational change or change in overall business habits / strategies?

When you have captured all of your involvement then revisit why did you make change and absolutely key – what was the positive impact – to you, your peers and ultimately the business.

In our experience this is the good stuff that impresses future employers and separates you from the pack. If you have recruitment needs in finance please drop our team a line.


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