We connect talented accounting professionals with opportunities within great businesses. 


At The ARG we strive to do more than simply try to find you a new position.  Of course we will do our utmost to find you the right opportunity and our team have well over a decade of experience in this specialist market.  This doesn’t mean sending you an email outlining every job we are working on.  It doesn’t mean selling a job to you because it’s a vacancy that needs urgently filling.  It means taking a structured, partnering approach to proactively linking you to businesses that need your skillset and that have opportunities that meet your short, medium and long-term motivations and aspirations.  We pride ourselves on truly understanding the detail of the roles we are coordinating and it is critical that we match likeminded individuals.

Ultimately, as well as discussing vacancies, we believe that it is highly important that we provide the candidates we partner with a clear window to the market.  We can offer informed guidance around job market buoyancy, salary benchmarking, trending in benefits suite changes, industry sector patterns and developments, skill shortages and localised key business activities. We also ensure we are in a position to provide substantiated advice around; career options, interview coaching, CV structure and content.  Fundamentally we strive to support you through your job search in a dedicated and personalised manner.

Beyond simply wanting to place you in a role we aim to ensure your journey of working with us is a completely smooth one.  Our experience and our commitment to honesty allows us to provide candid and constructive feedback at all junctures, from initial meeting to position acceptance and it is for this reason that we are trusted experts in our specialist field.

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