We make finding the right candidate for your business as painless and efficient as possible for you.


The ARG was established to provide accountancy and finance professionals an opportunity to work with a recruitment business that can be trusted.  Trusted to tell the truth. Trusted to truly listen to your needs and preferences, trusted to give you access to an extensive relevant network, trusted to be hyper-organised and dedicated in our search, trusted to represent you accurately and professionally in the marketplace, trusted to appreciate confidentiality, trusted to meet deadlines and most importantly trusted to provide a high service with integrity every time.

In our opinion successful recruitment partnerships are not made by silver tongued consultants endlessly selling in every direction and throwing CVs into inboxes.  High quality recruitment support is delivered through insightful questioning, true market expertise, utilising state of the art searching methodologies and being highly organised to identify appropriate individuals for our clients.  That approach coupled with complete honesty at every juncture of the recruitment cycle – from job specification to onboarding – ensures we operate as a true business partner.

Many clients that work with us have sensitive job specifications that require a high degree of discretion and confidentiality.  We can provide peace of mind to the key stakeholders within these businesses – we will approach the market in the correct manner and identify the right person swiftly.

It goes without saying that the priority for any business we partner is finding the right candidate.  Right in the sense they have the technical capability to fulfil the role but also right in terms of cultural fit and equally right in terms of motivations and aspirations.  This ensures we match candidates that will stay with the business we connect them to. 

It is also of paramount importance to us that we make the journey of finding the right candidate for your business as painless and efficient as possible for you.  Our approach is completely transparent, highly diligent and ultimately our is based on many years of individual experience in this specialist sector.

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