Selling Jobs?

Recruiters should stop selling jobs and candidates. 

The best recruiters have stopped selling, don’t see recruitment as sales and don’t focus on making a sale. In my opinion. 

Recruitment in theory is simple irrespective of market specialism.

Step 1: Ask a ‘client’ loads and loads of questions regarding; their business, the opportunity they are recruiting for and their requirements. Dig, delve, probe… the best recruiters I know have naturally inquisitive minds. From here take a raft of detailed notes. Understand all of the great things about the opportunity and capture the positivity in full. Then understand the negatives – you need to know where all the bodies are buried as much as you need to know the cool stuff. If the MD wears his heart on his sleeve and turns the air blue when someone makes a mistake you are better to know than not. If the predecessor has left the role in a mess and it needs to be overhauled then so be it. Ignorance in recruitment is far from bliss. 

Step 2: Alongside this process engage with loads and loads of relevant ‘candidates’ – people who could do the job and might want to do the job. Ask them bucket-loads of questions and listen really, really carefully with both ears. Make detailed notes. Understand what they are amazing at, what they have achieved and how. Understand the gaps and development areas. This is equally important (for everyone including them!) if you are going to do a good job. 

You need to discover and consider their individual motivations and goals…. just because someone could do this job doesn’t mean they should do this job (no matter how much wishful thinking you throw at it or how much you or your boss ‘need’ the fee)…

Now let the dog see the rabbit – communicate the information between the two parties succinctly, honestly and in a thoroughly detailed fashion. Connect people with absolute candour. In my experience candidates don’t need to be or want to be SOLD a JOB. People want facts to allow them to make decisions. More is more. Clients do not need to be or want to be SOLD a CANDIDATE. People want detail, insight and full disclosure.  Detail leads to trust.

If a business has had a tough trading period then tell the candidate from the outset.

Let’s say you don’t tell anyone and you withhold the info……. most will either do their own due diligence and find out – you therefore appear to have an incomplete picture or to have been selective in your sharing of info.

Possibly worse still they will not realise, go to the interview unprepared and not get the job as a result.

Worse still they will get the job but then do research and find from a third party that there is a question-mark over the trading history, they will be unnerved, reject and feel they have dodged a bullet (shot by your fat misleading recruitment gun!).

Worst still – they take the job then realise when they get there that they have unwittingly joined a business that is in a stage of turnaround or recovery… they feel insecure, completely misinformed and deceived… by you.

It is that simple. Rather than hard sell ice to inuits change your client network. Must dash – am off to sell my granny for a big fee. 

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